3D printed buildings in Dubai


his idea is part of the new sustainability plan

Dubai is looking to apply 3D printed buildings in one-quarter of all new buildings by the year 2025. This initiative arises from the fact that the country is in search of cutting down on costly construction waste and reduction of materials that harm the environment.

They already printed its first office building, the largest made to date. 

“The feat was achieved by laying a fluid across a path calculated by a computer. These fluids rapidly harden to form a solid structure. These solid structures are continuously built upon, adding more and more layers of fluid mapped out by a computer. This happens over and over until the layered solids form walls, ceilings, and floors.”

The CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation reveals to the World Economic Forum about “how innovations like these would attract scientists and engineers from around the world to join the project.”

ACCIONA, a Spanish based company, opened its first global 3D printing center in Dubai, desiring to create a more sustainable infrastructure and help to research and manufacture a new system.

3D printers use materials more efficiently and the cutting cost is up to 70% and labor up to 80%. The country is looking to accomplish this new task and maybe looking forward to making other cities and counties to begin utilizing this technology. 

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