Digital communication in times of crisis


he COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline in the world economy with few precedents in history. Almost all companies on the planet, regardless of their sector or size, have been seriously affected. For this reason, it is important to ensure a good digital communication strategy during and after the crisis. In this article, we analyze the different strategies that can be useful for your business.


How to manage digital communication during the crisis?


Of course, the main purpose of any communication strategy should be to enhance the image of the brand. In this sense, we distinguish three types of business behavior that you may have observed during this crisis:


– Opportunism: Some companies have prioritized their benefits against the consequences of the epidemic, causing a negative reaction from the public. Therefore, it is essential to assess the sensitivity of the receiver before launching new campaigns.


– Solidarity: The positive side is the numerous companies that have sided with society, either by halting their production to manufacture disinfectant alcohol and other sanitary materials or by making financial donations.


– Indifference: Certain brands have chosen to continue with their usual strategy. However, it is obvious that the coronavirus has changed the world, so it would be inconsistent to maintain the same communication as always.


Now, how should the new communication be approached? First, empathy must be offered; Then we must be faithful to the values ​​of the brand; We also advise you to bet on new moments and communication channels, as routines have changed; Lastly, digitization plans must be drawn up.


Adaptation to new technologies


The most used resource these days is, without a doubt, telecommuting. It is a useful way of not paralyzing professional activity, as well as offering an image of continuity. In this sense, all sectors have had to improvise to adapt to these new times.


Taking into account that this exceptional situation will last over time, it would be convenient for the digital strategy to offer new ways to reach people, since the physical dimension of a business will be practically inactive for a time. With this, we not only mean to advertise a campaign via the internet, but to interact with customers in the same way.


What will happen to companies that do not change their communication?


As we have commented, the change in strategic communication is a necessity. Therefore, a business that does not know how to adapt will suffer image problems in this new stage, but also when everything ends and the other brands have taken advantage of this time to position themselves better, thus gaining an advantage.


A business that remains static in the face of this crisis will suffer a loss of consumer confidence. It will be seen as an outdated brand, which has failed to adapt to circumstances and does not grow in adversity. In the worst case, the public could accuse the company of lack of solidarity.


In short, digital communication will be even more important in this new situation. Remember that the other great value will be the transformation of the company towards new technologies in order to continue with the economic performance.

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