Meet Google’s new alliance in the Blockchain industry

Technology giant Google, allied with Cypherium to develop a blockchain platform focused on stability and decentralization. This partnership will enable Google Cloud customers to access Cypherium’s blockchain solutions.

The enterprise intent to be a solution that is highly scalable and robust. They utilize a hybrid design that features a group that is also adopted by Facebook’s Libra consensus mechanism and can allegedly achieve thousands of transactions per second.

Sky Guo, Co-Founder & CEO of Cypherium said “We’re delighted to be collaborating with Google Cloud to provide enterprises with a full-stack solution to harness the potential of this paradigm-shifting technology”.

The growing demand in the market for DLT (Distributed ledger technology) solutions in the financial industry and beyond drives our commitment to this collaboration. Cloud customers can rest assured that the blockchain solutions they implement using Cypherium Enterprise are clad in robust security, and capable of delivering rapid transaction speeds for its smart contracts and achieving high-speed data processing from its Java virtual machine.”

This is the second partnership that Google has made this year. At the beginning of 2019, Google announced their association with Qtum, another blockchain platform, to increase the facility for users to launch native products.

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