World Most Innovative Economies


he World Economic Forum makes an annual list after doing some evaluations, choosing from countries all over the world

According to the World Economic Forum, what makes a nation “innovative” is their ability to improve talent adaptability; that is, enable the ability of their workforces to contribute to the creative destruction process and cope with its disruptions.

All these factors and more, rank 141 economies on their innovation capability.

This Year’s Top 10 Innovating Countries are:

Germany: this is the second year with the No 1 position. They score highest because of their research and development.

The United States: the prominence of its research institutions and papers published by Scientifics, remains as an innovation powerhouse.

Switzerland: tops the rank for having the most highly skilled workforce through which to transform its innovations into products.

Taiwan, China: the country performs as third for the number of patent applications per million of population

Sweden: they invest 3.3% of its Gross domestic product (GDP) on research and development.

South Korea: they lead the list for buyer sophistication, as well as scoring highly for patent applications and R&D (research and development expense) expenditure.

Japan: So far, they become the country with the most patent application of any country on these top 10.

United Kingdom: it’s the country with the strongest indicator on scientific publications.

France: ranks third for the prominence of its research institutions.

Netherlands: has improved this year in every indicator in the research and development sub-pillar.

Some countries stay in the same position and others growth their capability on research and development which means the top of 2020 will bring many more changes a and even new countries on the list.

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